AzaleaHealth vs Care360: A Comprehensive EMR Guide

There are different practice management solutions available in the industry. Physicians must choose an EMR (electronic medical record) that is compatible with their clinic. However, due to the availability of different options, it can be confusing to choose one. This AzaleaHealth vs Care360 comparative guide will discuss their features and prices so you can easily decide which of the two is helpful for your practice.

Azalea EHR is a product of Azalea Health, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 2006, Azalea Health has offered healthcare IT solutions to over 1000 ambulatory care centers. Azalea Health EHR is a web-based system that includes practice administration, patient portals, and e-prescribing capabilities. The ONC has also certified Azalea Health EHR.

Care360 EHR, formerly Quantum EHR, is a complete suite of electronic health record (EHR) software solutions that compete with the industry’s best practice tool sets. Care360 EHR is a cloud-based program that can accommodate numerous additions to the administration of digital files, patient care, and health data. It is a versatile web-based system that can support a small, independent doctor’s office or a big, multi-specialty medical practice.

AzaleaHealth Key Features Care Coordination

Azalea Health includes different care coordination features to help practices improve patient outcomes. This software includes features like task management, referral management, and care plan templates. This feature also offers a patient engagement platform that helps practices keep patients informed and engaged in their own care.


Interoperability capabilities are available in Azalea Health to assist practitioners in exchanging data with other systems. The program offers an HL-7 interface, FHIR compatibility, and connection with various EHRs. Azalea also provides a data migration tool to assist practitioners in migrating data from one system to another.

Clinical Decision Support

It also includes clinical decision support tools to assist doctors in making the best choices for their patients. Evidence-based order sets, clinical alarms, and patient education materials are among the features included in the platform. It also features a drug database to assist clinicians in selecting the best drugs for their patients.

Azalea Health EHR Pricing

Azalea Health has a subscription-based pricing strategy that is based on the number of doctors and patients. Azalea also provides a discount for practices who have signed up for numerous years. Azalea does not provide a free trial.

Azalea Health EHR Demo

Azalea Health offers a demo of the software that is available on its website. The demo includes a tour of the software, as well as a walkthrough of the features and functions. Azalea also offers a free trial of the software for practices that sign up for multiple years.

Azalea Health EHR Reviews

Azalea Health has received favorable feedback from users who like the software’s features and functionality. Azalea also has a robust customer support team to assist users with inquiries or issues. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society has accredited Azalea (HIMSS).

Care360 EHR Key Features Patient Portal

Patients and physicians may communicate and perform activities online using ‘MyQuest.’ Among other things, physicians may send and receive messages, save patient visit notes, and create an electronic record of patient contacts. On the other hand, patients may use the site to track their health, see test results, communicate medical information with physicians, and so on.


Your telemedicine solution should be as diverse as the services provided by your clinic. Care360’s integrated telehealth is designed exclusively for your clinical workflows, whether you conduct 1-on-1 virtual consultations, couples therapy, family sessions, or group counseling. Skip manually copying and pasting the invite URL to each group therapy member. Schedule group telehealth appointments for which participants will receive meeting connections automatically.

Data Diagnostics

Physicians may obtain patient-specific analytics during the point of care in real-time. Data diagnostics provide insights to your physicians when and where they are required while also increasing accessible data sources with a wide variety of clinical, claims quality, and lab data for decision support.

Care360 EHR Pricing

The program has not mentioned price since it provides configurable pricing options. However, the seller can be contacted to obtain pricing information. The cost of the Care360 software depends on the size of the practice so that practices of all sizes can easily obtain the features.

Care360 EHR Demo

Demos are often used to offer information and insights about the operation of the software. Users can schedule a demonstration of the Care360 software through the company’s website. This also allows a subscriber to feel at ease with any concerns and clear up any misconceptions about price, etc.

Care360 EHR Reviews

Looking at the internet reviews written by Care360 EHR Software customers, it is simple to conclude that it has a 92% favorable rating. Customers have praised the company’s competitive management and ease of use. They interact with their customers and run smoothly. Furthermore, the program is easy to use and provides several customization options, making it more relevant to its consumers.

Conclusive Remarks

Azalea Health provides a patient portal, tools for community health management, clinical decision support, care coordination, interoperability, and a data migration tool. Medhost has a free trial. However, the Medhost software does not provide as many features. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society has accredited Azalea (HIMSS). The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society has also accredited Medhost (HIMSS).

Care360 is the leading ambulatory EHR solution on the web. Quest Diagnostic developed and distributed this application, including modules for patient scheduling and medical billing. Furthermore, it gives dynamic access to all critical patient data at any time and from any location.

In a nutshell, Azaleahealth and Care360 are reliable solutions for physicians so they can manage the administrative tasks at clinics. You must make a choice that will support your practice. Watching their respective demos will help you determine crucial differences between these two solutions. Moreover, you can make a final decision by comparing their costs with each other.

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