Benefits Of Undergoing An AP Course And Exam

The advance placement program which is also known as the AP program is a rigorous one which can provide the students with an opportunity to purse the university level studies when they are still in the high school.

This is available over 20 subjects and if one takes an advanced placement exam, then it can help the students to stand out in the college admission process and earn some college credits. It can also help one to build skills which are essential to be successful in college life.

Students of India can actually benefit a lot if they undergo AP courses and sit for the examination. The AP has helped the students to achieve their dreams and the university life which they crave for. More than 2.2 million students take AP exams worldwide and then they are placed at over 3000 universities across 60 countries.

Here are some major benefits of students taking the AP exam:

  • Taking AP courses can help the students to stand out in the college as it has been mentioned above. They can demonstrate to the admission officers that they have sought out one of the most rigorous curriculum which is available. It is true that universities all over the world actually look favourably upon the students who undergo the AP course and the exams.
  • AP examination can enable the students to earn the college credits and one can get advanced placements before they start the college. It can also enable them to graduate early (yes, the students can also sometime save a year here), go for a double major, save tuition, move to an upper level course sooner, gain some time to travel abroad or even complete an internship. There are more than 90 percent of universities in US which offer credit and advanced placement to the students. This happens on the basis of AP exam scores. These things can differ though by college and one should understand policies of the colleges the students are interested in.
  • The AP program can always recognise the high school students who have demonstrated some good college level achievement through the AP course and exam and then award them with the AP scholar awards. In India one can also pursue for an APID which is Advanced Placement International Diploma and with this the students can also earn some academic scholarships which are awarded directly from the universities and colleges.
  • AP can help students to illustrate their competence in a particular field and can also provide the students with the opportunity to study the subject which one is interested in.
  • The AP courses and examination can help the students to develop the critical thinking and reasoning problem solving along with the communication skills which are very much essential to get success in college life and in future.

If one gets a score of 5 in an AP exam, then they are allowed to take admission in universities globally through any recognised academic program. This makes the college admission easy.

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