Breaking Down the Different Disney Vacation Club Costs

If you’re considering a Disney vacation, you’ve heard of the Disney Vacation Club.

When it comes to Disney vacation club costs, how much does a DVC membership cost? Does it cost more than a regular hotel?

There’s a lot of information to digest, so we want to give you the basics so you can go in with your eyes opened. This way, you can make an educated decision and get the most bang for your buck.

Understanding Ownership Costs

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) offers vacation ownership of resorts and offers a variety of ownership costs. Understanding these costs is essential to make an educated decision about DVC before investing.

Initially, when you purchase a DVC contract, you must decide between Points-based or Existing Vacation Weeks. Points-based contracts allow you to explore flexible itineraries at multiple resorts under an allocated yearly point allowance.

Comparing Disney Vacation Club Points

The Disney Vacation Club points system is a great way to compare the costs of the vacation club. DVC points are bought in a lump sum upfront and are used to get discounts on stays in Disney Vacations resorts and cruises.

In addition to resort stays, points can also be used for certain attractions, merchandise, and dining experiences.

To further explain the breakdown, points can be divided into “FixedThis” points, which guarantee the same points per night at specific resorts, and “ChooseThis” points, which can be used to stay at different resorts each year.

Price Per Point for DVC Resorts

Disney Vacation Club costs vary depending on the individual resort. Generally, these resorts feature a “Price Per Point” calculated on a sliding scale, with higher initial purchase points costing more money but offering a lower overall cost for the points purchased.

As the number of purchased points varies, the Total Initial Cost of the DVC ownership changes. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel require the most points to purchase but also offer the lowest cost per point.

DVC Annual Dues and Fees

The Disney Vacation Club annual dues and fees are one of the essential costs to consider when planning a Disney vacation. DVC Annual Dues and Fees cover the membership cost, plus taxes and other assessments required to maintain your DVC membership.

DVC Annual Dues are based on your Disney Vacation Club home resort size and are invoiced every January. You will also be responsible for assessments, which cover the costs of ongoing maintenance and upgrades for the DVC resorts.

An Overview of Maintenance Fees

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) holds special appeal for those looking to make family vacations into a lifestyle. It’s a timeshare program developed by Disney that allows members to enjoy annual vacations at select Disney resorts, cruises, and beyond.

An initial buy-in cost, annual dues, and other costs are associated when members use their points, but maintenance fees are an important part of the equation. Learn more about buyer financing for your options.

Read More About Disney Vacation Club Costs

The Disney Vacation Club is an excellent way to enjoy the magic of Disney for years to come. Depending on your lifestyle, you can find the option to explore Disney Parks and get the most out of the Disney vacation club costs you can afford.

Check out your options today to see what the DVC can do for you and your family.

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