How Big was the Asteroid that almost hit our Earth 1994 wr12 asteroid time

On June 2, 1994, astronomers discovered a large asteroid in a near-Earth orbit. This asteroid, called 1994 WR12, had a diameter of about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) and was traveling at a speed of roughly 30 kilometers per second (67,000 miles per hour). If it had collided with Earth, the impact would have been devastating.

What was the size of the asteroid that almost hit Earth in 1994?

The asteroid that narrowly missed Earth in 1994 wr12 asteroid time was about the size of a small mountain. It was roughly 1 kilometer (0.62 miles) in diameter.

If it had hit Earth, it would have caused widespread devastation. It would have released energy equivalent to around 20,000 nuclear bombs.

Fortunately, the asteroid missed Earth by about 40,000 kilometers (24,854 miles). That’s a close call!
This event showed how vulnerable Earth is to impacts from space. It also highlighted the importance of monitoring the sky for asteroids that could pose a threat to our planet.

How long would it have taken for the asteroid to reach Earth if it had not been intercepted?

The asteroid that almost hit Earth would have taken about six hours to reach our planet if it had not been intercepted. It was travelling at a speed of about 25,000 miles per hour when it was first detected. Fortunately, it was intercepted by a spacecraft before it could reach Earth.

What are the odds of an asteroid hitting Earth in the next 100 years?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the size and trajectory of any potential asteroids. Nevertheless, a 2008 study by NASA estimated that the odds of a devastating global impact by an object larger than 1 kilometer in size are about once in every 500,000 years. This means that the probability of such an event happening in the next 100 years is relatively low.

However, it is important to note that even smaller asteroids can cause significant damage if they were to hit Earth. For example, the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013 was only about 20 meters in size, but it caused numerous injuries and extensive property damage.

There are various efforts underway to detect and track near-Earth objects that could pose a threat to our planet. The hope is that by doing so, we can one day deflect an asteroid before it has a chance to impact Earth.

What would happen if an asteroid did hit Earth?

If an asteroid were to hit Earth, it would cause a great deal of damage. The asteroid would create a huge crater where it hit. The force of the impact would create shock waves that could demolish buildings and kill people. The debris from the impact would be thrown into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun and causing widespread darkness. The dust and debris would also make it difficult to breathe.

Some scientists believe that an asteroid hitting Earth is one of the ways that dinosaurs became extinct. If an asteroid were to hit Earth today, it would be a disaster of unprecedented proportions. Fortunately, there are no asteroids currently on course to hit our planet.

How can we prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth?

There are several ways that we can prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth on 1994 wr12 asteroid time. One way is to keep track of where asteroids are and to monitor their movements. If we know an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth, we can take steps to try to deflect it.
We can also try to destroy an asteroid before it reaches Earth. This can be done by using a spacecraft to collide with the asteroid, or by using a powerful laser to break it up.
Another way to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth is to build structures that would deflect it. These could be placed in orbit around the Earth or on the surface of the planet. They would need to be very large and very strong in order to make a difference.
Ultimately, the best way to prevent an asteroid from hitting Earth is to be prepared. We need to have a plan in place so that if an asteroid is headed our way, we can take steps to try to stop it.


The Biggest Asteroid That Almost Hit Earth was 1994 WR12. It is a very large and dangerous asteroid. If it had hit our planet, the consequences would have been catastrophic. Thankfully, it missed us by a hair’s breadth and we were spared from certain disaster.

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