How to Correctly Place Radha Krishna Marble Statues at Home?

How to Correctly Place Radha Krishna Marble Statues at Home?

This article will shed light on the importance of Hindu statues depicting the Radha-Krishna, and how these statues are made. It will also discuss their benefits and talk about the special meaning behind them.

Radha Krishna Marble Statue Importance

Many people know that Hinduism is not a single religion but a multitude of gods and goddesses. Amongst these gods are Krishna, who is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in Hindu mythology. Krishna is worshipped as a god and is often shown with the sweetheart Radha, playing the flute.

There are several legends concerning the romantic relationship between Krishna and Radha. In one, Radha was born from his chest after he was struck by Govardhana Hill’s bowstring, and in another she was created expressly for him. They were inseparable, and they will always be together as they dance on Govardhana Hill’s lotus feet. They lived together in Vrindavana (which means “Dancing Place”) where Krishna danced with his lovers.

Krishna is often regarded as a god of love and youthfulness. He is a representation of the devotion that Hindus are expected to have for their gods.

Radha Krishna Marble Statue Meaning

The Radha Krishna marble statue is one of the many representations of the Hindu religion. They are cast in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with beautiful hand work usually being involved. In this way they resemble the popularly known Egyptian pyramids. Their significance lies behind them as well as in what they depict. They are believed to represent faith, harmony and love.

The marble statues of deities and gods are predominantly made out of limestone or metamorphic rock. Care is taken to make them as realistic as possible, keeping in mind that they are meant to be viewed through human eyes.

They consist of several components, including a solid base, the raised pedestal and a halo above the head of the statue. The halo represents light which came from Sri Hari, who is believed to be present everywhere. It also represents Kubera’s pot in which one can see all the worlds represented by coins within it. In addition, this symbolizes a paradise in which human beings will one day have access to this amount of wealth without needing to work for it.

Points to Consider When Placing Radha Krishna Marble Statue at Home

1. The direction of placing the Radha Krishna Marble Statue is the most crucial part. Never place the statue facing north to south.

2. Keep in mind the height of your room and the height of placing the Radha Krishna Marble Statue. The statue should be placed at eye level.

3. Never place Radha Krishna Statue in a room which is near the bathroom or washroom. Consider this a good sign if you do not place the statue near the bathroom.

4. The focus light on the statue should come from the Southeastern side to attract positivity and good energy into your home.

The Bow Deserving Radha Krishna Marble Statues

At the end of the day, you need to keep in mind that while you might such as just how the Krishna sculpture looks it is still a religious icon. Treating it with respect is a good strategy to make certain it makes your residence appearance beautiful as well as welcoming however likewise brings you the benefit of riches and positivity Krishna is known for. Right Here at Tampa Bay Salvage, we have lots of lovely vintages readily available from Krishna sculptures, to hand-carved furnishings and various other pieces from all over the globe. You can see our full collection by click on this link. You can additionally click via to our Etsy shop to see even more vintages that are offered and also their rates. We don’t simply do vintages right here at Ganesh Moorti Art. We also have a huge option of live edge tables and also we can produce personalized marble statues for your house. Just let us know what you ‘d such as well as we will be happy to craft it for you.

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