How To Haul A Large Fishing Boat

Did you know about 100 million Americans go boating annually? If you plan a fishing trip with a larger boat, you will want to ensure that it gets to its destination in the same condition you left it in.

Hauling a boat to or from the water can be quite a chore and should not be taken lightly. Even if you buy a boat pre-fished, it will need to be transported and re-positioned at some point in its lifetime. Doing so safely is more than simply jumping in a truck and driving.

Read on for a detailed guide on how to haul a large fishing boat.

Select the Appropriate Vehicles

When hauling a large fishing boat, it is vital to select the appropriate vehicle to ensure safe and successful delivery. Your vehicle must be able to not only handle the weight of the boat but also maintain the necessary speed and control needed to tow the boat on the roadway safely.

You should also consider both the size and clearance of your vehicle. Make sure everything will fit, including the length of the trailer, as well as having enough space for the height and width of the boat. Finally, check your vehicle’s towing capacity to be sure it meets or exceeds the weight of the boat and trailer.

Prepare Your Boat Before Hauling

For hauling a large fishing boat, the trailer should have larger tires, brakes, and a stronger cross-member system to help support the boat and trailer. Additionally, prepare for the actual hauling of the boat by inspecting the trailer for tire pressure, checking to ensure all suspension components are free from rust and rot, and guaranteeing the coupler is securely fastened. Don’t forget the necessary permits for transporting your fishing boat on the road.

Proper Techniques for Lifting and Towing

If the boat is light and the towing distance is short, you can use a small boat trailer or haul tow. For heavier or larger boats, then a larger trailer is recommended. If the boat is on a boat dock or in the water and is difficult to access, then a roll-a-lift or a marine travel-lift may need to be used for hauling.

Ensure that the trailer is balanced and securely mounted with the capacity to carry the boat’s weight. Also, check that the hitch is rated for the boat’s weight, chains, straps, and cables.

When lifting the boat off the trailer, it’s important to lift with your legs rather than your back. Make sure that support stands are firmly in place and keep your feet at least shoulder width apart to maintain your balance. You can click here to choose the best equipment to help you safely lift your boat without a hitch.

Learn to Haul a Large Fishing Boat The Right Way

Hauling a large fishing boat is a vital skill for anyone looking to spend some time fishing on the high seas. Proper hauling also helps fishermen to make the most of their time on the water by giving them better control and maneuverability. Learning how to tow a boat properly allows anglers to ensure that the ship is safely and efficiently navigated and reduces the risk of accidents and injury while out on the water.

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