The Right Way to Accessorize Your Diamond Tennis Necklace

We love a timepiece that is gender-neutral. A string of diamonds may seem pricey, but think of it this way: would you rather invest in cheap, seasonal jewelry that would go out of trend soon or something you can wear for decades and even pass on?

The name for ‘tennis’ jewelry comes from world-renowned tennis player Chris Evert who is known for being one of the most fashionable sports players.

When it comes to wearing classic accessories, nothing can compete with a beautiful string of diamonds around your neck. It doesn’t matter which type of diamonds it is made from, as long as they look natural and long-lasting.

A lot of men and women are in the limelight for investing in diamond tennis necklaces. So, if you are thinking of doing the same, let us tell you how you can pull them off in any style.

Which Outfit to Wear

The diamond tennis necklace is a classy and original timepiece that never goes out of style. The best thing about them is that you can style them with any outfit. Whether thinking of razzling and dazzling up your look or just lying around in loungewear, the string of diamonds will give you the required pop without going over the top.

You can create an effortless luxe-casual look for a simple and cozy Christmas dinner with your family by wearing a new athleisure set. Once someone sees that sparkle under the hoodie, they will fall in love with the look.

On the other hand, you can go all-out and wear it on your wedding day, along with some beautiful diamond stud earrings. It’s sleek, it’s chic, and if you are looking for some wedding day diamonds that you can also use later, then this is it!

Add Some Layers

Something you can’t go wrong with is layers. Layered necklaces seem always to be in trend. In the past, we saw different lengths of the chain being layered, and these days we see the exact length tied up messily, which actually looks sexy.

Apparently, if you wear it confidently, you achieve your desired look. Even the celebs are styling them in the most gorgeous of ways.

You can add some pearl necklaces, a solid gold or silver chain or any sentimental piece into the look. And to make it look more put together, you can wear a tennis bracelet.

Add a Large Pendant

Tennis necklaces, even after their extravagance, can look subtle. It’s so ironic, we know! So, if you want to change that, you can add a large pendant of your choice. How about a blue heart to give it those titanic class necklace feels?

A locket may compliment your look in an entirely different way. The kind of pendant you add may depend on the look you are going for. It can also be something that matches colors with your ensemble.

Add Another Tennis Necklace

You can add one more diamond tennis necklace to the string, or two, or even five. Honestly, there is no set number of how many more you can add. You can layer them up in the same look for a more relaxed look or stack them up in different layers to give it a more royal feel.

On Its Own

Make your diamond tennis necklace steal the show. This gorgeous piece can be worn separately and still look elevated, chic yet minimalistic, all at once. No wonder everyone, including men, wants to add this versatile jewelry piece to their collection.

What Should You Pick: White or Yellow Gold?

Traditionally, people believed that diamonds should be worn with white gold only. But since stylists and designers have been experimenting with different metals, even yellow gold looks gorgeous if you know how to style it right.

The focus should be on the quality, you can even get a lab-grown diamond tennis necklace, and it would still do the trick. You can add more jewelry to your look; only make sure the metals coordinate and complement each other.

Pick the Right Neckline

Length-wise, diamond tennis necklaces can be 16 to 18 inches. Which means they can be worn with any neckline. However, it looks even better with a halter or V-neck style.

On the other hand, if you are planning to style a casual collared blouse or one with a crew neckline,  you should pick a tennis necklace with all the same-sized diamonds to make it look more classy.  Crewnecks are also a good choice if you want to stack your necklaces on top of a solid-colored shirt. If you are going for a printed top, then avoid stacking.

If you are opting for a backless dress and putting your hair up, it is ideal for wearing a diamond tennis necklace that fits just right around your neck. This would be the perfect way to show off your look and grab everyone’s eye.

What is the Best Occasion to Wear One?

A necklace that goes on every outfit is perfect for any occasion, even if you are going to get some groceries.

You can wear it:

  • On your meetings with the substantial client, along with a clean-cut suit
  • On that first date with your crush that you really want to work out with. Pair it with a cute silk dress.
  • On your wedding day, it will be one of the most memorable days of your life.
  • When going to the kids’ games, the necklace did get its name from the sports world.
  • Or make it the go-to piece that you refuse to take off, no matter what, making it your style statement.


Tennis necklaces are subtle and yet have that punch to it, making people turn their heads and ask you: where did you get them from?

Ideally, owning a diamond tennis necklace means that you don’t have to overthink your look. It is a classy statement piece that can go with any outfit. You can style it when you want people to think you put effort into your look when you do not.

We hope the above lines must have given you more choices to accessorize your diamond tennis necklace. Now, all you need is to apply them and turn heads. All the best!

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