The Top 5 Tips For Dressing With Uneven Breasts

Breasts are a symbol of femininity and attractiveness. We use them as our source of nurturing for a child, to nurse and teach the child how to use the breasts for nourishment. It’s associated with attention, sexuality, and feelings of self-comfort.

You don’t have to hide from the world if you have uneven breasts. You have to be selective about what styles you have to go for. You have choices in how to handle your situation.

Read on for some of our favorite tips on how to dress with uneven breasts!

1. Get Creative With Patterns and Color

Choose items with interesting, bold designs, or choose shirts and dresses with a darker color. When wearing a shirt, consider buying one size larger than you normally would to ensure it is not too tight on your uneven breasts. This can also help to create a more proportional look.

Additionally, have fun with styling and look for ruffles or tiered designs that distract from any size discrepancies.

2. Use Layers

Layering clothing can help create a more even and balanced look. Start by selecting clothing with interesting textures and colors. Throw on a light cardigan or wrap when needed to add coverage and more control to the overall look.

Another option is to add a vest or drape a scarf to help focus attention on your neckline. Layers can be a great way to introduce comfortable and flattering pieces to any outfit.

3. Find the Right Bra Form

The first step to finding your perfect form is to get fitted professionally for a bra that comfortably fits both sides of the body. There are also various products that can even out the appearance and fill any breast size gaps, such as matching foam inserts or gel pads.

If under-garment modifications do not provide the desired effect, then consider breast augmentation. This surgical option will help to create perfect symmetry and return confidence to the wearer. You can learn more information about breast augmentation at Austin Plastic Surgery Institute.

4. Mix and Match to Your Advantage

Start by examining the proportions and styles of your existing wardrobe to determine what looks best on your body shape. Avoid heavy padding or asymmetrical clothing that will cause the two breasts to look drastically different. Instead, opt for soft, stretchy knits to create a proportional look and conceal any imbalances.

5. One Size Up

When dressing with breast asymmetry, one size up is a helpful tip to keep in mind. Wearing a size that is too small can draw attention to the size difference. Try to find a size that fits with plenty of room for each breast, being conscious of how much fullness is needed.

One size up will ensure that the smaller breast gets enough coverage. Wearing tops like a wrap-shirt, v-neck, or scoop-neck can help create the illusion of evenness.

Enhancing Uneven Breasts: What to Wear, What Not to

Dressing with uneven breasts can be challenging, but a balanced look can be achieved with a few tips and tricks. Pick fabrics that are not too thin or clingy and avoid embellishments, lace, and other details that can draw attention to the size difference.

Avoid clothing like one-shoulder or strapless styles and opt for designs that offer more coverage. With a few wardrobe adjustments and some pieces that fit and flatter your body, your uneven breasts will look amazing.

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