Trello Pricing vs ClickUp Pricing: Project Management Review 2022 

There is several project management software available for task management. It is challenging to choose which software is best for your firm. Trello and ClickUp are trustworthy systems that offer various job management options. Field activities, supply chain operations, and product development may all be managed using them. This post will go through their main features, demos, and reviews. It will also compare Clickup pricing vs Trello pricing.

Trello, launched in 2014 by Fog Creek Software, is popular because it allows users to collaborate on projects. They can also use it to organize and focus on tasks to create a unified workflow. Its drag-and-drop design is adequate for startups as well as large businesses. It allows teams to organize projects, divide them into manageable tasks, give deadlines, and track task progress. It is valuable for agile firms to organize their work processes and interact across teams.

ClickUp is a cloud-based work tool for teams and enterprises of all sizes. It integrates critical business apps and consolidates firm data into a single online solution. Assign assignments to team members, manage projects for clients, and communicate on paper with others. ClickUp gives all the tools and capabilities needed to execute tasks in a timely, transparent, and accessible manner.

Trello Software 

Key Features 


Trello allows you to add as much description and meaning to your tasks as possible, besides arranging them into a logical process. You can add more details by including file attachments, labels, and checklists. You can specify which team members should be linked with each card. It also lets you attach files up to 10MB in size on the free tier and up to 250MB in size on subscription plans.


Attaching files to Trello cards lets you provide context about the progress of tasks. Trello, like a cloud-based file storage system, has a history of previous files that you may retrieve whenever you want. It also gives much-needed context for those files since each card will include a description of the project in question. It has a comment history of the discourse among the team members who worked on that project. To track the progress of any particular assignment, you can attach photos, PDFs, Google Docs, or other resources.

Trello Pricing 

Trello pricing is also divided into four levels:

  • Freemium offers a limited set of tools to help you get started with Trello.
  • The regular plan costs $5 per user per month and is payable monthly. This option will allow you to scale more broadly.
  • Each user pays $10 per month for the premium plan.
  • If you choose the corporate package, each user will be charged $17.50. However, for the company to be available, there must be at least 25 users.

Trello Demo

You can also watch a Trello demo to learn about the software and understand how you can use it to manage tasks. You can also ask questions about the Trello software during the live demo.

Trello Software Reviews

The Trello software is rated 8.3/10 on Trust Radius and can be used to keep projects organized. It also has the option to tag specific users in comments too. The login process is perplexing.

ClickUp Software 

Key Features 

Agile Development

The capabilities of ClickUp are customizable and agile teams can utilize the platform for bug tracking, sprint management, and product releases. They may design Scrum dashboards and track progress using various agile charts. Developers may work together on code, automate a sprint point system, highlight syntax, and interact with Git.

Remote Work

Teams may continue working, do tasks, and execute projects while working. ClickUp enables teams to assign and collaborate on projects and exchange documents for developing transparent workflows. You can send reminders to team members, and track activities from any location.

Project Management

ClickUp has capabilities that assist project teams in planning and visualizing their plans utilizing many views. The list view helps manage priorities, the calendar view for checking timetables, and the Gantt view for tracking progress. Teams may communicate by adding comments to any task or document and receiving notifications when changes occur. They can use dashboards to get information at a glance and time monitoring to keep schedules and budgets on track.

ClickUp Pricing 

The ClickUp fee includes five plans:

  • The first option is freemium, with limited access to ClickUp features. It offers 100MB of data storage, unlimited tasks, two-factor authentication, and whiteboards.
  • The Unlimited plan costs $5 per user each month. It provides unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, and Gantt charts.
  • The Business plan is $12 per user each month. You can manage unlimited teams, custom exporting, and advanced time tracking.
  • The Business Plus Plan costs $19 per user each month. This option offers subtasks in multiple lists, custom role creation, and customized permissions.
  • You may also acquire a bespoke price for enterprise-level functionality by contacting the ClickUp sales team. It offers features like white labeling, advanced permissions, and default personal views.

ClickUp Demo 

You may also view the ClickUp demo before purchasing the product. The ClickUp demo informs clients who are interested in purchasing the product of its features and functioning.

ClickUp Reviews 

ClickUp is a user-friendly program, according to the reviews. They also enjoy how simple it is to use. It has improved users’ task management abilities. They can also make lists to address dependence concerns. Users are sometimes overwhelmed by its features.

Final Remarks 

When it comes to picking a final option, it all comes down to personal choice, usability, and interface.

Trello is better suited for people who are looking for task management options. Its automation tool reduces manual task management, and cards let you organize information.

The ClickUp software is ideal for the management of tasks and documents. You can also use it to ideate and brainstorm with the help of the whiteboard feature.

To make the final choice, you can watch the respective demos of Trello and ClickUp too.

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