What is Ashura Otsutsuki powers?

What is Ashura Otsutsuki powers?

Ashura Otsutsuki’s Background

Ashura Otsutsuki’s background is a bit of a mystery. What is known is that he was born into the renowned Otsutsuki clan, one of the most powerful families in the world. He was raised and trained by his father, who was also a powerful ninja. As a young man, Ashura showed great promise as a ninja and was quickly recognized as a prodigy.

At some point in his life, Ashura came into contact with the Ten-Tails, an immensely powerful creature that had been sealed away by his ancestors. The Ten-Tails granted Ashura immense power, making him even more powerful than his father. With this new power, Ashura set out to conquer the world.

In the years that followed, Ashura became feared as a ruthless dictator. He conquered many countries and amassed a huge army. His ultimate goal was to find and destroy the Moon, which he believed was responsible for all of humanity’s problems.

During his reign of terror, Ashura met and fell in love with Kaguya Otsutsuki, another powerful ninja from a rival clan. The two married and had twin sons: Hagoromo and Hamura. Kaguya eventually convinced Ashura to abandon his quest to destroy the Moon and instead focus on creating peace in the world.

Ashura agreed and together they founded the Hidden Leaf Village, which became known as Konoha (meaning “leaf” in Japanese). For many years, Ashura and Kaguya ruled Konoha together and were revered as its founders.

However, peace did not last long. Ashura and Kaguya began to disagree on how to rule Konoha. Ashura wanted to maintain strict order while Kaguya believed in giving people more freedom. Their disagreements led to a civil war between their two sons.

In the end, Hagoromo emerged victorious and banished Ashura and Kaguya from Konoha. Ashura was heartbroken by this turn of events and vowed to one day take revenge on his son. He then disappeared into the shadows, never to be seen again.

Ashura’s legacy would live on through his sons. Hagoromo would go on to become the legendary Sage of Six Paths while Hamura would become the first Hokage of Konoha.

Ashura Otsutsuki’s Powers

Ashura Otsutsuki’s Powers

Ashura is one of the two sons of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths. He possesses numerous powerful abilities, most notably his chakra and senjutsu.

Chakra: Ashura is incredibly strong in terms of chakra. His reserves are vast and he can utilize it in a number of ways. He can create powerful illusions, perform great feats of strength, and even fly using his chakra. Additionally, he can use his chakra to enter a state known as “The Black Secret Technique” which amplifies his power greatly.

Senjutsu: Ashura is also a master of senjutsu. This allows him to sense and control the natural energy around him. Additionally, it grants him enhanced physical abilities and increased longevity. Senjutsu also enhances Ashura’s chakra abilities, making them even more potent than they already are.

In addition to his great strength in chakra and senjutsu, Ashura is also an expert hand-to-hand combatant. He was able to evenly match Naruto Uzumaki in taijutsu during their brief battle. Overall, Ashura is an incredibly powerful individual with a wide range of skills and abilities at his disposal.

Ashura Otsutsuki’s Death

When Ashura Otsutsuki died, he was able to take the chakra of all the tailed beasts with him. This caused the tailed beasts to go into a coma and be unable to be used by anyone.

In the Naruto series, Ashura Otsutsuki was the son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki and the ancestor of the Uchiha clan. He died during the Warring States period while fighting his brother Indra.

Indra was said to be the more gifted of the two brothers and was born with Hagoromo’s chakra. Ashura, on the other hand, was not as strong as his brother and did not inherit any of Hagoromo’s chakra. Nevertheless, he was a prodigy in his own right and developed his own unique skills.

One of these skills was the ability to create black receivers, which weresmall creatures that could absorb chakra from others. Ashura used these receivers to help him seal away evil spirits.

He also had a powerful psychic ability known as genjutsu. With this ability, he could trap people in illusions and make them believe anything he wanted them to. This made him very dangerous in combat.

In the end, Ashura’s death came at the hands of Indra. Indra had become corrupted by power and wanted to rule the world. Ashura tried to reason with his brother but Indra would not listen. The two fought an epic battle that ended with Ashura’s death.

The Relevance of Ashura Otsutsuki Today

The Otsutsuki Clan was a clan of powerful aliens that came to Earth in order to harvest the chakra of its inhabitants. The most powerful member of the clan was Ashura Otsutsuki, who possessed great strength and stamina. However, the clan was eventually defeated by the Hidden Leaf Village.

Today, Ashura Otsutsuki is considered to be one of the most powerful beings in the world. His powers are still relevant today, as he is able to help protect people from harm. He is also a great teacher, and has taught many people about the importance of chakra control.

The Origin of Ashura Otsutsuki’s Powers

It is said that Ashura Otsutsuki’s powers come from the chakra of the Ten-Tails. By harnessing the power of the beast, Ashura was able to gain immense strength, speed, and durability. In addition, he was also able to access the full extent of his powers by tapping into the chakra of his ancestor, Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

By combining these two sources of power, Ashura was able to become one of the most powerful beings in existence. He was even able to stand up to and defeat Madara Uchiha, who was considered to be the strongest shinobi ever.

How Ashura Otsutsuki Uses His Powers

Ashura’s primary power is his control over the chakra. He can use this to create powerful techniques, as well as to negate the effects of other chakra-based abilities. He can also use it to enhance his physical strength and speed.

In addition, Ashura has a number of unique abilities that stem from his connection to the chakra. He can sense when someone is using chakra, as well as track them by their chakra signature. He can also absorb and nullify chakra, making him immune to most techniques that rely on chakra.

Ashura’s connection to the chakra also allows him to access a number of powerful seals and jutsu. He can use these to seal away opponents or objects, or to release powerful techniques. Some of these seals and jutsu are unique to Ashura, while others are more common among ninja.

The Consequences of Ashura Otsutsuki’s Powers

Ashura Otsutsuki’s powers are said to be the cause of the Moon’s erratic behavior. It is said that when Ashura was alive, he had the power to control the Moon and its phases. After his death, his power was transferred to his descendants, who have been using it for their own purposes. As a result, the Moon has become unstable and its phases have become unpredictable. This has caused a lot of problems for people on Earth, particularly those who rely on the Moon for their livelihoods.


Although we don’t know much about the true extent of b powers, it is clear that he is an extremely powerful individual. He was able to defeat both Naruto and Sasuke, two of the strongest shinobi alive, with relative ease. Additionally, he was able to seal away the Ten-Tails, one of the most dangerous beasts in the world. Whatever his powers may be, there is no doubt that Ashura Otsutsuki is a force to be reckoned with.

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